Power Sessions

Starts: 8:45 am | Ends: 10:30 am

Grab the keys to success at our 20-minute power sessions, where attendees will hear from leaders of P2P programs with emerging ideas that are propelling the market to change.

Power Session #1: Livestream Fundraising, John Vranas, Make-A-Wish International

The aim of the session is to introduce the concept of livestream fundraising for social good. A main theme will be discussing how gamers who fundraise while live streaming have raised over $75M on Twitch for over 100 different charities since 2012. We’ll also provide some tips for how nonprofits can get started with this exciting new opportunity.

Power Session #2: Live Streaming is Transforming the Landscape of P2P

In this session, we’ll cover how Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has been leveraging the power of live streaming since 2011 and how it has helped them raise over $50+ million via Extra Life – one of the fastest-growing P2P programs in the industry!

Power Session #3: Turning Facebook Fundraising into a Sustainable Revenue Stream

In the first 12 months since launching, Facebook fundraisers raised $300M for nonprofits through birthday campaigns. However, the vast majority of nonprofits are struggling to manage these Facebook fundraisers at scale. Between a lack of data and ways to communicate with fundraisers, nonprofits are losing out on an opportunity to invest in creating a sustainable revenue stream through the acquisition of Facebook fundraisers. We’ll share how top nonprofits are leveraging this new fundraising channel to create long-term sustainable revenue growth by way of new donor acquisition.

Power Session #4: Get Data. Get Real. And Get Going With Your Best P2P Campaign

Peer-to-peer campaigns are changing at a startling pace. Some don’t know what to do so they keep doing what they’re doing, some resist it and make excuses. But the smart ones ask, “WHY?” And they keep asking why – every campaign, every year, every day.

Mark led fundraising and marketing for a major national health charity during some of its fastest growth, guiding one of Canada’s most successful P2P Walks unprecedented growth. He was later brought in to another major national charity at the point of crisis, with a mandate to drastically restructure the organization. Thankfully, in between the two experiences, Mark had asked a lot of WHYs, and used data to help him understand the problem, which in turn that helped him respond to the Board mandate to reduce expenses while shifting resources behind priorities. His research had looked at why some P2P campaigns succeed, while others fail, and now Mark will share what he has learned, and what you need to know to build your next generation mass engagement “people asking people” campaign. His talk will be part trends, part best practice, and part storytelling in order to help you bring your best thinking to re-thinking your P2P campaign, or create a successful new one.

Power Session #5: Why Give Now? Peer-to-Peer Adventures in Crowdfunding and Giving Days

With over a million charities asking, it’s hard to get attention from donors these days. Find out how Duquesne university took the crowdfunding and giving day plunge and engaged new and returning donors to give now. Then, hear key stats from a database of over $100M in crowdfunding and giving day solicitations to find out how peer engagement amplifies results.


Brian Gawor
VP, Fundraising Research and Chief "Giving Geek", Ruffalo Noel Levitz

Mike Kinney
Managing Director, Digital Fundraising, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals



November 4th - 5th, 2019
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM ET


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