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Speaker/Author, What's Your Excuse?

Born without arms, John Foppe has had to break down and re-engineer every
aspect of day-to-day life. He learned that the inability to do something
didn’t rest on the lack of resources or vision – it’s the emotional
reaction to meeting an obstacle, even a small one, head on.

In the field as part of his master\’s degree in social work, John Foppe
saw this scenario play out over and over. To his surprise, he discovered
that some people are not willing to continue their improvement and
instead have built systems supporting their perceived limitations.

As a speaker, John also witnessed this resistant mindset operate in all
sorts of companies. He repeatedly heard leaders complain about how
difficult it is to motivate their people. John has addressed this
challenge by developing a variety of solutions to effectively translate
visions into outcomes. Among John Foppe’s answers, he has devised an
approach he calls the “Ellipse,” a specific set of practices which
mobilize one to navigate problems and maintain the vision – to get

His compelling story and methods caught the attention of the legendary
Zig Ziglar, who broke his long-standing rule of promoting from within and
recruited and mentored John.

In 1995, John Foppe launched a successful training business that has
taken him training business that has taken him to over 15 different
countries. He is the author of What’s Your Excuse?, which has been
translated into six foreign languages.

John Foppe’s insights on how the biggest vision can be derailed by the
smallest bit of resistance are now being used to orchestrate the missions
of visionaries and change agents around the world.



November 12th - 13th, 2018
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