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A1501042_1Welcome to the new age of fundraising! At the NonProfit PRO P2P Advanced: Redefining Peer to Peer Conference, we will take a fresh look at this increasingly popular form of fundraising and dig deep into best practices in the most challenging areas of P2P. Attendees can look forward to a riveting keynote on lessons from an organization’s first forays into P2P, sessions on sustaining a P2P movement and grassroots fundraising, in-depth analysis on the social science behind P2P event construction, break-out roundtable discussions and more.

A1501042_2With a limited number of registrations available and speakers who are ready to mix it up, you’ll have plenty of time and opportunities to share ideas, ask questions and connect with colleagues. Between the in-depth sessions, lively and interactive roundtable discussions, and our networking receptions, the NonProfit PRO P2P 201 Conference will be an intimate event buoyed by great conversations and easy access to speakers and fellow attendees.

A1501042_3The P2P 201 Conference is the only event of its kind. Grab the keys to success from organizations that have proven themselves to be titans in the nonprofit industry. Between sessions you’ll be able to bounce ideas around at moderated roundtable sessions. Check out the agenda & speaker lineup here.

A1501042_4The NonProfit PRO P2P Advanced Conference is in Philadelphia, PA! And not just any old part of Philadelphia. The conference will take place at the Science History Institute, located on Independence Mall. JUST STEPS from all of Philadelphia’s most famous historical sights and in walking distance to museums, memorials, theaters, restaurants and much more.


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November 4th - 5th, 2019
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM ET


Science History Institute
315 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Who's Behind This?

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